Workplace Monitoring

At SAACIWCE, we have state of the art laboratories with sophisticated equipment operated by professionally qualified staff. The labs of SAACIWCE are unique in Pakistan offering a range of services in the field of Occupational Safety Health and Work Environment. Most of the equipment used by SAACIWCE team is portable and easy to handle. The areas where monitoring and testing services are provided, include:

Exposure Monitoring of Workers

  • Total dust exposure
  • Respirable dust exposure
  • Cotton dust exposure
  • Aerosols exposure monitoring
  • Silica dust
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Toxic gases exposure

Safety and Physical Hazards Testing

  • Noise measurement
  • Total dust survey
  • Heat stress surveys
  • Ventilation testing
  • Lighting surveys

Worker’s Health Monitoring

  • Audiometry for testing noise induced hearing loss
  • Pulmonary function testing/lung function testing/spirometry

Environmental Sampling

  • Stack emissions monitoring
  • Particulate matter monitoring