Our Activities

Training courses on safety, health and environmental problems for workers, supervisors, managers, trade union representatives and safety & health professionals are arranged.

Research on safety, health and environmental problems in the industry as well as on social dialogue, gender and other issues related to workplace is carried out.

Information services are available on request on issues of workplace hazards as well as on key labour laws is provided in user friendly format.

Monitoring and analysis of most chemicals and physical health hazards in the workplace is carried out.

The professional staff of SAACIWCE can carry out OSH audits and provide advisory services for solution of problems concerning safety, health and working environment.

The SAACIWCE is a pioneer institution in Pakistan, which has introduced innovative low cost technologies for addressing safety, health and environmental problems faced by workers particularly the vulnerable segments of the workforce like women, young persons and children.

The issues of women and gender dimensions of work are special area of focus of IRI.

The SAACIWCE and Industrial Relations Institute (IRI) promote adhere to labour laws, by organizing training and awareness session.