Mobile Audio-Visual Aid Unit

Keeping in view the limitations of the workers and industries particularly the small scale enterprises and the limited availability of accommodation facility for trainees from outside of Lahore, a mobile audio-visual aid unit has been established in order to bring the training services of the SAACIWCE at the doorstep of the industrial enterprises. This unit has been equipped with audio-visual equipment and material on occupational safety, health and work environment. The training staff of SAACIWCE coordinates and travel to the industrial enterprises and holds brief orientation sessions for workers, supervisors and managers and distributes free literature.

How can you get Mobile Services on Occupational Safety and Health Unit?

If your organization needs the services of our mobile training unit, please contact us. Our representative will be in touch with you and work out the specific training requirements of your organization. On a mutually acceptable date and time, the training team will visit your enterprise to impart training.

Mobile Laboratory on Occupational Safety and Health

We provide services on the following workplace hazards and their exposure:

Safety and Physical Hazards Testing

  • Noise measurement
  • Total dust survey
  • Heat stress surveys
  • Ventilation testing
  • Lighting surveys

Worker’s Health Monitoring

  • Audiometry for testing noise induced hearing loss
  • Pulmonary function testing/lung function testing/spirometry

Environmental Sampling

  • Stack emissions monitoring
  • Particulate matter monitoring